An early start today as we leave the flat just after 8am to catch the Madrid train as far as Segovia. Only one train today but over four hours to get there. We have reserved seats and plenty of room.

There’s lots of napping going on. Jacky has made us all sandwiches which have been frozen so they defrost just in time for lunch.

A bus is waiting to take us to our hotel as the railway station is on the very edge of town. We are staying in San Antonio el Rael hotel and is in an old monastery. All the rooms are situated around an open courtyard. It’s the best hotel so far at a heady four stars.

A cuppa in the bar before heading down into town walking along the beginning of the famous aquaduct. It’s an amazing feat of engineering and was built by the Romans back in the first century AD. Down in the centre we are blown away  by the impressive scale of the double height arches and the fact that it was still in use as late as the 1970’s.

The town is built on hills which we wander around. First visit is to Segovia Cathedral a huge building. It’s full of tapestries and art but so cold inside. Also has two huge organs facing each others which I’ve never seen before. The stained glass windows are right at the ceiling if the cathedral, so high that’s it’s impossible to see any details.

Onto the Bishop’s palace for a wander around the rooms seeing lots of vestments and gold and silver church ceremonial objects. Must be worth a fortune.

Plaza Mayor is surrounded by restaurants and bars and bathed by sunshine in the early evening. Alongside our drinks we enjoy free tapas in the which is most welcome as we are all starving.

Up the hill alongside the amazing aquaduct back to the hotel where we have less than an hour before our meal booked for 8:30pm. It’s a three course with water, bread and a glass of wine for €25. Most of the food is tasty. And so to bed for an early night as the travelling is taking its toll.

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