A lovely breakfast to start our day in Segovia in fact according to Bev the best so far. I think it was the cheese that swung it.

After breakfast most of us sat in the courtyard reading popping in and out of the strong sunshine and I caught up with my blog. It’s definitely a shorts day today.

Around 2 pm we again follow the aquaduct into Segovia stopping at the The Waterhouse which acted as a filter and valve on the water running along the aquaduct.

We walk the streets of the city towards the Alcazar palace stopping at a viewpoint with great views over the countryside.

The palace itself is a medieval castle built in the 11th century and is rather impressive and looks like it could have inspired many Disney castles.

After a drink on the terrace with fantastic views over the countryside and Segovia we take the tour.

There’s a very deep moat, a large internal courtyard, suits of armour, weapons, paintings, stained glass windows and lovely wooden ceilings.

We take steep steps down to a terrace and get a view of the garden below and the countryside.

Tony and Mark walk up to the top of the tower.

Time for another cold beer in the sunshine before heading back into the city to find something to eat. Lots of places close at 4pm and don’t reopen until 8:30pm but we find a fast food place and enjoy burgers in the sun with a backdrop of the aquaduct.

A final beer on the way back to the hotel with free tapas that no-one can eat as we are full and then a relatively early night.

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