San Sebastian

Laundry all washed and drying in the sunshine on the balcony. Fridge has been filled with stuff for brunch and dinner and it’s lovely to not to be on someone else’s clock. The apartment is close to everything we need, bars, supermarket and railway station and in walking distance of the beach and promenade.

After enjoying a leisurely brunch early afternoon we wander into San Sebastian and stroll alongside the sea. It’s absolutely lovely with golden sands and turquoise seas and posh hotels lining the waterfront.

The funicular takes us up to an amazing viewing platform where we enjoy an ice cream before a drink in the sunshine overlooking the bay. Our old Alma Mater is with us too in the form of an NSP sun umbrella.

Down back into town and we wander back along the promenade. The tide is coming in and the waves are livelier. Back at the flat spag bol is made by T before we go to the local square and watering hole and sit in the sunshine again.

We enjoy garlic bread with our pasta and a few drinks before bed. It’s been a good day.

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