Pamplona, Vittorio and San Sebastian

It’s a travel day today. We leave Zaragoza around lunchtime on the first of three trains to take us north to our destination of San Sebastian. It’s a busy train.

Pamplona is our first stop where we have an hour to wait for our connection. We see loads of wind farms and rape fields in full colour along the route. Jacky and I mind the bags and drink tea in the sunshine outside the station whilst the rest walk into Pamplona to see the view and hop on the funicular on the way back.

Our second stop is in Vittorio where we have only 20 minutes to catch what turns out to be a very slow train to San Sebastian. This time we see plenty of graffiti and the houses look more tirolean than spanish.

We arrive at 8:15pm and cross the river Urumea over a very ornate bridge and walk to our apartment.

It’s very modern and swish and most importantly it has a washing machine and dryer so we can sort our laundry for the second half of the trip !

A quick visit to the local shop for milk and beer and then out for pintxos for dinner.

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