Carnac & Sainte-Anne d’Auray, Brittany

After our lovely beachy stop we are only going a little way up the road to Carnac. We head first to the Maison De Mégalithes, the visitors centre, to see the alignments aka rows of standing stones. More than 3,000 prehistoric stones were erected by the pre-Celtic people of Brittany. We’d hoped to park at the visitors centre but it’s absolutely rammed.

It’s after midday so we decide to go shopping instead. Try Lidl but the car park is too small so we find a Leclerc in Auray 15k down a very busy road. Do a minor shop as we’re not sure where we are pitching tonight and we may not have electricity. End up having lunch in the carpark before heading back. The situation hasn’t changed and it’s still mobbed everywhere around the visitors centre so we go a little way up the road to Kermario.

We wander around the stones and up a tower where we get a bird’s eye view. There are loads of them and the occasional one is much taller than the rest. Interesting but I loved Avebury much more.

We have a beer at a creperie which is sitting amongst the stones and then wander back to the van. I’ve had second thoughts about staying overnight on a carpark so I find a campsite thirty minutes up the road in Sainte-Anne d’Auray.

We arrive there around six pm. It’s a municipal and only costs €15 a night. We get a big grass pitch, electricity and facilities. All good.

Church in Sainte-Anne d’Auray.

Dinner outside is a kind of cottage pie but made with duck. I bought it when I thought we were slumming it. It’s ok as long as it’s eaten with hp/fruity sauce, we did have green beans with it though.

Trivia quiz time again on Spotify and when it gets a little cool inside to watch the end of the first series of Reacher.

A bit of a strange day. Carnac and the stones are obviously madly popular but the setup is haphazard. Maybe a park and ride is required as the area is overwhelmed by cars literally parked everywhere.

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