Pontchateau, Loire Atlantique

As we leave the campsite at Sainte-Anne d’Auray, I spot an unusual car and the tiniest square caravan!

We are heading further today as we have to be at Île d’Oléron by August 4th so we are moving towards there in a few hops.

We’ve booked a couple of nights in what looks like a lovely site with pitches around a lake in Pontchateau called Camping le Deffay in the Grand Biere national park. First though we do a big shop and stock the fridge again as well as everything else.

The site looks as lovely in real life as it does online and we get a great pitch on the lake edge.

Our pitch is next to a very unusual 2 storey house/caravan which I can’t resist having a nose in as there’s no one staying there. Can’t imagine where they store everything though.

We sit and enjoy the lake and the ducks and the sunshine.

For some strange reason we end up eating in the campsite bar. Moules for T and fish for me. We get chatting to some Brits about our travels and mobile data challenges post Brexit.

Moules down, chips to go!

An evening of trivia quizzes outside keeps us entertained as does simply sitting in such a fabulous spot overlooking the lake as night falls. The stars are pretty amazing too. Loving it here.

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