Les Sables Blanc, near Plouharnel Brittany

Not much to report today other than we’ve again been doing even less than yesterday but we were ready for some r&r time.

I did squeeze in a tiny bit of housework, brushing out the van and cleaning the bathroom and some hand washed laundry, as I’m getting low on vest tops with all the fine weather we’ve had. I had to get T to wring them out afterwards though, definitely missing the spin cycle.

We do a few trivia quizzes which we’ve found on Spotify whilst slurping our first g&t’s of the holiday and it’s a bit of fun. There’s 122 of them as someone started them in the first lockdown and has continued them ever since.


Supplies are very low in the fridge now so we BBQ tonight and intend to eat at the campsite bar tomorrow.

Watch TV in the van for the second time in two weeks. It’s a series called Reacher on Amazon prime based on the Lee Child books and before you know it we’ve watched three episodes. It’s been a lovely relaxing day.

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