Saint Malo, Brittany

A little cooler this morning with a few spots of rain and some cloud but the drop in temperature is welcome. By the time we leave to wander into the city the sun is shining and it’s heated up again but temp in the 20’s rather than the 30’s.

There’s an exit from the site that takes us down to the marina and beach. It’s a pretty one with hundreds of small yachts and a crescent beach.

We walk around and across to the next harbour and then onto a third one which is the main port which has a few huge ships as well as small yachts. We find it difficult to work out how the big ships enter the docks but they must somehow.

The walls surrounding the old city are now visible. This was once the haven of corsairs, basically pirates approved by the king. The city was badly bombed in WWII but restored after the war. It’s a pretty place with narrow cobbled streets and flowers and bunting everywhere.

Our first stop is Saint-Vincent Cathedral. We are blown away by the absolutely beautiful modern stained glass windows. Never seen anything like them before. Just beautiful and sadly the photos don’t do them justice.

Light a candle here as we do in every church we visit, sending prayers into the ether for family and friends.

After a wander around we find a bench in a tree filled square with lots of shade and eat a sandwich and fries.

Sneaking in a beer after lunch

Up onto the walls of the city for great views of the port and the city. We walk around glugging a large bottle of icy water as it’s exposed and hot. On the beach there’s an pretty amazing looking Lido with a high diving board and lots of people having fun, we’re wishing we had our cossies with us. There’s a bit of up and down at various gates until we are back where we started.

The Lido

A naughty stop for crepes and a drink is very welcome before the walk back to the campsite. T managed a large carafe of the local cider to wash his down and I have a pot of Darjeeling tea.

Squeeze in a couple of cheeky halves on the way back to break up the journey and rest tired feet.

The tide is out so a little sea wall appeared….which keeps water in the bay in front of the beach!

Burgers and pork belly on the BBQ followed by our first watch of Netflix on the telly as it’s a little chilly outdoors. I spent an hour when we got back this afternoon activating our French SIM card. There was a lot of Google translate involved and a phone call. We’ve invested in a router and a Amazon firestick so feeling very high tech, certainly a wider choice than usual

Another lovely day in France, this one has been food filled too!

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