Saint Malo, Brittany

On the road west to Saint Malo and into Brittany. We stop on the way into the town and restock everything.

We are staying in a municipal site overlooking the bay and  the town. Cite d’Alet de Saint Malo. It was a bit of a headache to book involving emails in French and them wanting a deposit by bank transfer but managed in the end and they reserved a pitch without a deposit, definitely worth the effort. It’s a roomy one so we can park side on and use the hedge for shade as well as the awning. Have to get our levelling blocks out though as it’s leaning one side so I need two steps to get into van! That’s a first.

2 step entry!

Spend some time sorting the fridge out and end up throwing a few things in the bin because of the issues with the fridge overheating. Food poisoning in Luci would not be fun. It’s now about 3pm so we enjoy lunch outside. The temperature is now 31° so still hot but not as hot as London!

Waiting for lunch

Eventually we rouse ourselves, enjoy the best shower of the trip so far and visit the onsite pop-up bar around 7:30pm. It’s busy but we manage to get a couple of seats. Enjoy a pint of ice cold beer in the shade. It’s a lovely spot at the end of the campsite with views of the harbour and yachts.

In the middle of the bar area is a WWII German gun emplacement with visible damage. This coast and especially its ports are littered with similar fortifications.

Seduced by the beer and pizza van we stay until sunset.

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