Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy

It’s another scorcher today.

The campsite we’ve chosen can’t be reserved so we leave before 11am and arrive at La Biddonniere camping about 12:30pm.

You pay on entry and get 24hrs for just over €15. The machine issues a ticket with an exit code. All very efficient. There is a dump for grey and black waste but no toilets or showers . What it does have is a view of Mont St Michel, it’s within cycling distance and it’s a nice rural spot too. Each pitch has just enough room for a van and awning.

Both inside and outside the van feels like a hairdryer on full blast, very hot and dry and super sweat inducing!

Sandwiches outside for lunch sitting in the shade. We melt away for a while drinking not cold water as our fridge is just not coping with the temperature. We can’t get it to run on battery when the engine’s running, it’s just not cooperating. Once we land and plug in or turn on the gas the fridge has has to play catch up in 30° heat.  We’ll be lucky to escape food poisoning at this rate!

We get ready around 4pmish, and to be honest I’m not looking forward to cycling in the heat. We drink lots of water in preparation for instant dehydration. It’s not actually that far to cycle, about 6k and 20mins, but there’s no shade. We stop on the way for photos.

It’s quite exciting as we get nearer. Luckily they are running a pilot project for a couple of years which allows cyclists to cross the causeway. It means we don’t have to queue for the shuttle bus, the queue looks long and hot.

We cross over the causeway that looks like a low bridge. The tide is out and the Mont stands high in a sea of mud flats. We park our cycles and helmets at the base and as soon as we walk through the arch we realise how busy it is especially on the lower levels. It reminds me of Hogsmead in Harry Potter with its narrow winding streets and old buildings. Everything has between 50&100% added to its price even water.

We basically walk upwards towards the Abbey through winding streets. I need a moment and a sit down at one point feeling very hot,sweaty and red faced after the cycle ride. Our next stop is a church, an opportunity for a seat and a cooler space.

Then it’s on and upwards towards the base of the Abbey. And then there are lots and lots of steps and more steps to the abbey chapel which is the highest point of the tour and the top of the Mont. Luckily the steps are almost all in the shade. We enjoy a walk through the various levels down through the Abbey with fantastic views from a terrace and eventually we are back where we began.

The streets are now much quieter, the shops are mostly closed. We are tempted by a pint of a Heineken on a terrace but at €9.50 a pint it’s just too much, even more expensive than the Shard!

We cycle back hoping one of the places open on the way out will still be serving cold beer but they are all shut. When we get back to the van disaster has struck! The fridge wasn’t closed properly and it’s all far too warm. No cold beer for us. Both knackered so have odds and sods to eat but enjoy sitting out until midnight with the twinkling Mont in the distance. A really good but super sweaty day.

The tiny dots of light above the candle is Mont Saint Michel

2 thoughts on “Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy

  1. You’re not having an easy ride with this fridge are you?!
    Looks like a fab day though, and I agree very Harry Potter vibes!!

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