Bayeux, Normandy

It’s Sunday which marks the end of the first week on our French adventure. So far not booking campsites in advance, has worked out fine and we’ve been able to find them everywhere we’ve wanted to go. France is well set up for motorhomes and has a service point in most locations.

After a late breakfast we walk into Bayeux. This time we make it all the way in along the river path.

Our first stop is the Bayeux tapestry. It’s amazing really that a linen cloth embroidered with wool has survived nearly a 1000 years almost intact. We hear the story told by the tapestry, which is really an embroidery, via an audio guide as we slowly walk around the u shaped case. Enjoyable experience and a bucket list item ticked off for Tony.

Wandering towards the cathedral we stop at a little cafe and share a Croque Monsieur and salad followed by a delicious ice cream.

Mid chomp

The cathedral looks lovely on the outside but I’m less keen on the interior apart from the stained glass.

After a good wander around the various altars it’s back to the river for a beer before heading to the van.

Another BBQ for dinner and a quiet evening sitting outside. No need for warmer clothes as the sun goes down, France is definitely hotting up about six degrees hotter than the start of the week.

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