Martigny, Normandy

Fridge is still working and actually cold! We’re very relieved as we were not looking forward to finding someone to fix it.

It’s a glorious morning so enjoy our first outdoor breakfast of the holiday accompanied by the ducks of course. Stress levels now zero.

A mother and some of her nine ducklings

We decide to stay a third night if we can, so wander down to reception. At this point we realise it’s Bastille Day on Thursday, a big national holiday here in France. The unhelpful receptionist makes a song and dance of finding us a new pitch as she says the one we are on is booked from Wednesday. However she is making us move today. Makes no sense to us as but we comply but are sad to leave our fab spot to one not so picturesque.

The other end of the lake

We spend a couple of hours sorting out campsites for the next two stops which gets us past the weekend and the bank holiday.

After we’ve relocated our day is spent doing not much other than reading, eating and drinking. At our new spot we have a distant view of the lake and a closer one of the River Varenne. Also have a couple of trees which are very welcome.

We pop out for a while to look at the lakes behind us just over the hedge and Avenue Verte which is literally 200m from our pitch. T cycled it a few years ago.

More lakes other side of the hedge
Avenue Verte

A friendly couple from Brighton arrive early evening on the next pitch. They’d been driving since 10am and had struggled to find a campsite. They had a couple of dogs with them, one of them we think was a Chow Chow which was struggling with the heat. It was a big ball of black fur.  Swapped motorhome war stories and convinced them to use their motorhome loo!

It’s pizza for dinner tonight from a visiting van which saves us cooking and means we don’t need to go shopping again before we leave.  Result!

The Rummikub game makes its first of what will probably be many appearances on this holiday and we play until we can’t see the difference between the red and orange tiles. 3-0 to T so I’m hoping to do better next time. 

A lovely relaxing day. Mossie catcher is busy.

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