Martigny, Normandy

Our final day here on Camping de 2 Rivieres is another quiet one. The weather is glorious all morning and afternoon so we spend most of the day sitting under the trees hiding from the sun.

New neighbours arrived in the afternoon with 5 dogs!  They constructed an elaborate pen with gates and string fencing to keep the dogs in without putting them on a lead. Not sure I’d fancy being the next people to stay on that pitch though! Meant to sneak a couple of photos….but ….

During the afternoon we could hear the preparations for the Bastille Day celebrations in Arques-la-bataille as they tested their speakers. We intend to walk into the village.. but it was too hot and we were too lazy.

Lunch outdoors followed by a BBQ late evening using up the remainder of our food.  Our old favourite, spot the difference, made an appearance late evening. I had a dress on after a shower but as the evening progressed had to layer up with T shirt and pants…. definitely nothing matched.

Mossie Armageddon

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