Awake after a night of heavy rain and noise from the awning. Nala slept the night on the end of my bed and seems to have settled in the van well.

The plan is to visit Morecambe today. We originally wanted to base ourselves there after watching the TV series The Bay. However we couldn’t find a campsite that’s suited so we ended up in Bolton-le-Sands, four miles up the road.

We catch the number five bus into the town. It’s Nala’s first bus ride and she likes it. She loves a window so we sit at the back where the windows are low down and she can see out without sitting on the seat. Perfect for our FOMO queen.

Before we moved to a Nala sized windy seat

Morecambe is not too busy. We wander along the promenade. The tide is out. We spot the odd location that we saw in The Bay too. It’s not a pretty place and could do with some investment but the bay is impressive.

Eric Bartholomew is still dancing on the promenade. We hadn’t realised he was only fifty eight when he died.

Next a stop in a dog friendly cafe and a bit of lunch. Nala is a hit with the staff and customers as always, and very well behaved.

Earlier we had a poo bag crisis saved by using the sweetie bag instead, somehow T had dropped the ones he brought with him. I pop into B&M for emergency supplies! Then it’s off towards the railway station to pick up the return bus after three hours.

On the campsite we stop at the dog park and give Nala a run around. She’s been on her lead all day. Throw a ball and she’ll chase it down like mad. We manage to wear her out running up and down the hill with the dog park to ourselves.

Back in the van we watch TV, eventually eat Moussaka for dinner and watch Gogglebox and Law and Order. Nala naps a lot!

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