Killarney National Park

Lovely to wake up to some blue sky and sunshine today. Finally a chance to get the bikes down off the back of the van and go cycling. We enjoy a very naughty full Irish breakfast for the first time on the trip, fuel for our exertions.

Outside the campsite there’s a cycle path running along the opposite side of the road. We decide to go left ie. away from Killarney towards Muckross Lake and Lough Leane.

The path takes us almost straight away into Killarney National Park. It’s in great shape and easy to follow.

We pass Muckross Abbey and hope to stop here on the way back. Muckross House is next overlooking Lough Leane.

Muckross Abbey
Muckross House

We stop very regularly to take loads of photos and are excited to see our first Jaunting Car which is in fact a horse drawn carriage.

It’s a lovely day, warm, overcast but not too hot. The path around Muckross Lake is undulating with some decent steep sections but they’re all quite short, even so I’m happy to have my e-bike taking the strain. T takes it in his stride.

Muckross Lake is in fact at the bottom of Lough Leane and they are connected at a couple of spots the main one they call Two Waters.

The Meeting of the Two Waters

Eventually we get to Dinis Cottage tea rooms for a cuppa and to share a scone. By now the sun is shining and it’s a gorgeous day.

The next section of the ride is a mile on the main road but luckily it’s not too busy. Back in the national park we stop at Torc Waterfall where I sit in the dappled sunshine and stay with the bikes and T walks to the waterfall.

Next stop is a different view of Muckross House before we take the path back to almost where we started, Muckross Abbey/Friary. We wander around the buildings and cemetery. There’s a wedding party inside the buildings having their photos taken, all looking happy and lovely.

Muckross House
Muckross Abbey

Outside in the cemetery we see gravestones with not just names and dates on but also addresses, most unusual.

Back out of the park we decide to go and see if we can get a beer at the rather posh looking The Lake Hotel. It’s a lovely spot overlooking Lough Leane and we sit in the sunshine enjoying a cold one.

The Lake Hotel

At the campsite we eventually sit outside with a g&t and dinner. I’ve bought a collapsible firepit which I’m keen to try out so Tony lights it once the sun drops. It’s fab at first but once the kindling has burnt the larger log just smoulders providing smoke but no heat. We’ll have to try again but with smaller bits of wood next time.

Looking good at the beginningšŸ”„

Back in the van we watch the rest of the series of Hidden whilst quaffing wine and eating chocolate. Another really good day.

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