Slea Head Drive and Killarney

After an early night we are up and out of the van after breakfast by 9:30am which is very unusual for us.

Until yesterday we hadn’t realised that one of the top things to visit on the peninsula was literally 10mins walk up the road from the campsite. Gallarus Oratory is one of the best preserved early Christian churches in Ireland shaped like an upturned boat. Build dates are mentioned between the 7C and 12C but at the very least it’s over 1,000 years old and in great shape. The views to the coast are lovely too from here.

Back at the van we make a move just as the rain starts. We finish the Slea Head Drive enjoying the lovely views again and at Dingle we drive to Tralee first and then onto Killarney as we want to stay on the major roads and avoid single track roads if we can! We’ve seen gorse in full flower at the roadside and in hedges everywhere. It reminds us of New Zealand where it’s considered a non native weed as it’s spreading like wildfire but we thought it beautiful!

Large homes seem to be the thing everywhere!

We arrive at the Killarney Flesk campsite early afternoon and set ourselves up, enjoy soup for lunch and then a nap.

Killarney is a mile from the campsite. It’s threatening rain but we decide to walk in anyway alongside the national park and over the River Flesk into town. I’ve found a useful website called The Irish Roadtrip that has good articles on pubs and restaurants etc so we head to the Laurels pub for dinner. It’s a typical Irish bar and restaurant at the front but it’s very busy so we are led to a huge room at the back which is also rammed but where we find a table. The Easter holidays have definitely started in Kilkenny. T loves his Irish potato cakes which are a bit like fish cakes without the fish and are very tasty. My warm salad is good too.

Killarney cathedral
The River Flesk
Irish potato cakes

Next stop is John M Reidy pub. It’s huge and busy and has a fab atmosphere. There’s a guy on a guitar with a great voice playing lots of fab music from Garth Brooks to the Eagles with a few old Irish songs thrown in. He plays the crowd like a violin getting everyone singing. It’s a fab night. There’s an American stag do in and one of the guys dances with various women throwing them literally around. All very entertaining and good natured. Really good craic and a taxi home too to end another good day.

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