Westhead to Coolrain, Ireland

An early start today to our Irish adventure.

We are using a voucher for the ferry from a trip we planned for 2020 but obviously the pandemic happened and the trip didn’t.  This is our last chance to use it before we lose it so Ireland here we come.

Our journey to Holyhead is straightforward so we land at the ferry port in time to have a cuppa and a little breakfast before boarding the 11:30am ferry. It’s busy but not full and the Irish Sea is calm so we manage a nap after eating our butties from home. Two and a half hours later we land in Dublin.

The leaving of Holyhead
Our van is definitely midships!

Post Brexit all the custom rules have changed. We follow them as I’m a worrier so our fridge is empty of fresh food and we limit our alcohol to the new limits. Obviously no checks at customs other than a question about booze, oh well!

The plan is to hot foot it south and west across Ireland as our first target is the Dingle peninsula. We take the toll tunnel out of the port and the toll M7 motorway too. Our target is Hogan’s pub in Coolrain. As we have an empty fridge we fit in a pitstop at Aldi in Portlaoise pronounced we discover Portleash. Quite shocked by the price of Prosecco though, €11.49 here compared to £5.95 at home!

Coolrain is a very small but cute village with a pub. It’s a free stop for us. We are staying in the yard next to the pub for nothing and we get electricity too. Lar the landlord is very welcoming and friendly.

Hogan’s Pub

Hogan’s Bar is a proper Irish pub with a friendly atmosphere and smiling staff. T watches Man City Vs Liverpool as we wait for our dinner. The food is very good and I get some lamb to takeaway for sandwiches as I can’t eat it all. After dinner we move back into the bar and have a right laugh with the very friendly locals chewing the fat and getting tips for our travels. I even have a sip of the black stuff!

The first pint of Guinness
Lamb with chips as I don’t like mash

Early to bed as it’s been a long day. It’s a lovely start to our trip and as they say around here the craic was great!

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