After our overnighter in Coolrain and relatively early night, we are up and away across Ireland by 10am.

For our first few days we are visiting The Dingle Peninsula. I was brought up in South Liverpool in an area called The Dingle on the banks of the River Mersey so looking forward to the visit to see another Dingle.

We’ve found a campsite in the north called Green Acres on Tralee Bay. Apart from a minor detour up a windy narrow road for about ten minutes, all goes well and we land about three hours later. We’ve passed by Limerick, Newcastle West and Tralee. It’s been grey and overcast and occasionally raining during our journey.

Green Acres has literally only opened today so it’s very quiet full of empty statics and caravans and just one other motorhome. We enjoy some lunch and a cuppa and wait for the rain to blow over which it does about five pm.

Have a lovely walk along Aughacalsa beach. We go left first but at the end of the beach before the headland we are blocked going further by a small river running into the bay. It’s a bit grey and overcast but warm.

We turn and walk in the other direction and the weather improves. The sky is bluer and we get occasional sunshine. It’s absolutely lovely and apart from one other person that we see on our way back we have the beach to ourselves.

Glorious Aughacalsa Beach

Back at the van I eventually cook dinner which we wash down with a G&T. Cork gin of course! Enjoy a couple of episodes of Hidden, a murder mystery set in Wales that I’ve downloaded to the laptop and eventually drop off after another good day.

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