Kilgetty and Storm Franklin

No sooner is one storm is over then another one arrives. Storm Franklin brings a yellow warning and lots of wind and rain. At its peak feels like it rocked the van a little more than Storm Eunice!

So that means another day in the van in Kilgetty. No roast dinner for us today. I crack open our new slow cooker and put on a sausage casserole.

I’m definitely getting much better at sudoku and keep up my daily wordle and nerdle. Take a photo or two out of the window.

We watch Dublin Murders and Hope Street on the laptop before bed.

At about 12:30am we’re woken by strange noises on the railway track behind us. We can’t actually see the track as there’s a hedge but we can see lights and hear activity. It moves off after about half an hour so maybe maintenance? It’s the highlight of the day!

In real life it was more lights and noise and definitely more exciting!

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