It’s good to be able to get out again. We’ve had a very windy start but now it’s bright and not raining.

T want’s to get the train into Tenby so we walk to Saundersfoot Station. We get there and there’s a tree blocking the entrance! We have to duck under it to get to the platform and are starting to wonder if the trains are running. We hang around for a bit and a train arrives….but it’s only a maintenance train running the line and clearing it of trees! The driver kindly stops and says they’ve already cleared three trees off the line so far so it’ll be a while before services are back on.

The station entrance!

In the meantime someone has arrived to clear the tree blocking the entrance. We have to run past them before the chainsaw starts as we are on the clock to catch the bus. It’s back up a hill of course to the bus stop.

On the way to Tenby we go through Saundersfoot which looks like a lovely seaside resort. Maybe next time.

The bus stops alongside the 13C old town walls built by the Normans to keep the local Welsh out! We enter the town via Five Arches Gate and wander through the town via a maze of narrow streets.

We spot the sea through a narrow opening and walk down to the harbour and onto the beach. The harbour is on one side of a huge beach and it all looks lovely with the town high above the bay with its multi coloured houses overlooking everything.

A lovely stroll takes us out along the beach and back again via the harbour. The tide is out so there’s a few dog walkers around but it’s really very quiet.

Castle hill view point is our next stop high above the beach and harbour. There’s not much left of the castle but there’s a huge statue of Prince Albert with outstanding views of the town and South beach. We can see Caldy Island and think about a boat trip to it next time.

We find a pub and enjoy a pint. Once we’ve sussed out the return bus stop and bought a fridge magnet we’ve time for a second pint accompanied by some garlic bread. Back in Kilgetty after a bus ride we walk to the local pub, The White Horse and enjoy a drink whilst chatting to a local from Dublin and watching Man City lose to Tottenham Hotspur. Nearly have a curry but instead eat cheese and crackers back in the van. It’s been a good day and it’d be good to return here when the sun is shining and the wind isn’t blowing a hooley.

Hope and Anchor
Harbwr Brewery

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