Kilgetty & Storm Eunice

The wind duly arrives in the early hours and gives the van a proper rocking. In the dark it looks like the people in the caravan next to us have left as we can’t see their car. It makes me think that maybe we should have done something similar but too late for that. Absolutely no chance of me sleeping with the wind, noise and the van rattling. T manages to sleep though!

At seven am the amber warning kicks in and the winds are at their peak for us. It helps that it’s now light outside. We can see that next door haven’t left but moved their car to the other side of the caravan presumably for more protection as it’ll be heavier. There’s leaves and branches on the ground but not much else I eventually fall asleep late morning for a couple of hours. It’s still windy but definitely not as bad as it was.

Watch the Olympics as we can’t go anywhere. Happy to be at the other side of the storm. A day of the usual, TV, kindle, Wordle and sudoku, leftovers for dinner and one or two drinks!

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