It’s moving day and the sun is shining. Which is good as tomorrow Storm Eunice is landing and we are off to Kilgetty in Pembrokeshire for the duration.

There’s an amber warning for wind and we are literally a few miles north of the red warning just off the south coast of Wales close to Tenby .

We stop on the way at Picton castle and gardens.

We visit the Welsh Wild Owl Garden & zoo. The owls are beautiful and amazing but we are sad for them in their enclosures. The marmosets are super cute.

The walled garden is huge and lovely after its recent renovation.

The castle itself is rather ugly and as we’d have to wait for a tour decide to give it a miss this time.

A stop in the Co-Op in Kilgetty before the important job of picking a pitch for the storm. We are up a hill. The campsite is up a hill and called Hillcroft! There’s only one other caravan. We decide on where to park, not too close to trees with a couple of hedges and hope for the best.

We’ve moved the picnic bench into the corner 🤞

It’s due to rain this evening so our plans of wandering up the road are shelved and we get a takeaway Chinese delivered instead, watch TV and wait for the wind.

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