Bath, our first stop on a Somerset and Devon adventure

We’ve had a busy time since our Shropshire tour in August. We managed to pick up Covid 19 there, but happily only experienced mild symptoms and have fully recovered. Thank goodness for double jabs!

At the end of September Rach and Paul’s wedding finally happened. It was a most wonderful day enjoyed by all, at a great venue surrounded by family and friends. It took us nearly a month to land back to earth and be ready for our final trip this year in Luci.

Our drive to Bath was long and difficult but we landed eventually late afternoon at the Bath Marina and campsite. This is the most expensive campsite we’ve ever stayed on with below average facilities but a great location, location, location right on the River Avon and within walking distance to the centre of Bath.

After a quick setup and a very late lunch around 5pm we decide to walk along the river towards Bath. Our first stop is the pub The Locksbrook Inn where we can sit outside under cover warmed by very effective patio heaters.

We wander a bit further along to the Victoria Pub and Kitchen and enjoy  dinner outside chatting to a local couple mostly about climate change!

Back along the riverside footpath. It’s dark so difficult to see much or take photos. A good start to our trip

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