Bath aka Aquae Sulis

Today we are exploring the lovely Bath. After a full English we walk into the city along the river. It’s lovely to be able to see all the boats and barges moored riverside. The path itself isn’t so pretty in parts and there’s lots of light industry and graffiti.

We decide to walk to The Circus first after a quick stop at the Jane Austen museum shop for a photo op and a purchase of a rather lovely Elizabeth Bennett Christmas dec and a Mr Darcy fridge magnet. The Circus is a ring of grand Georgian townhouses, split into three segments, with a green at the centre planted with huge plane trees. Lots of famous people lived here including Livingstone, Clive of India and Gainsborough.

Me and the lovely Jane Austen
Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy
Queen Square
Obelisk for Frederick, Prince of Wales
One of the three segments of the Circus
Majestic plane trees

Next stop is the Royal Crescent as impressive as ever in the sunshine. There’s a huge lawn in front with a ha ha to keep out any wild deer still roaming Bath.

Royal Crescent

We enjoy a cuppa and a cake in Waterstones before heading to The Roman Baths for our 2pm tour. We spend a fabulous two hours wandering around listening to the excellent audio guide and occasionally Bill Bryson. It really is very well done. The Romans really knew a thing or two about spas and swimming pools!

The Roman Bath House originally had a high roof
The Sacred Spring
Gorgon head part of a temple pediment
Model of the Roman bath and temple
A local Roman
Pool attendant ?
Sulis Minerva
A popular Roman up do!
Spring overflow

A very expensive pint in The Crystal Palace pub before ending our day enjoying a lovely catch up with family not withstanding the big hill we had to walk up first. Living in Bath must keep you fit! Uber home but still managed to do 17,356 steps. A very busy but fab day in Bath.

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