Leebotwood and home

Today I’m busy doing nothing. It’s our last full day so I’m taking it easy whilst T goes on a hike.

His plan was to get the bus again to Church Stretton and walk The Long Mynd. Best laid plans and all that, the bus didn’t turn up due to an accident on the A49 so he walked more locally, Care Caradoc hill and then the Lawley.  30,000+ steps and 1600+ft elevation of hill walking. Glad I stayed home. In the meantime I kept busy reading, blogging and doing the dishes.

On top of Care Caradoc with Church Stretton behind T
The Lawley from the van, trying to spot T

Early evening we walk down to The Pound Inn for dinner. Their speciality is pies which we both choose and enjoy. I manage to talk to the gardener about his tips for keeping the pots and hanging baskets looking fantastic. He waters twice a day in all weathers, feeds them with miracle grow once a week and deadheads every day. Obviously a labour of love!

We collapse in front of the TV when we get back, too full for Rummikub and have an early night ahead of our two hour journey home tomorrow.

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