Church Stretton

We decide to visit Church Stretton today. It’s too far to walk, so we take the bus late morning. The walk to the bus stop is a 15 minute stroll into Leebotwood. The bus trip is brief and then we wander around the town calling into various shops, art galleries and a large antiques store. I’m hunting for champagne goblets but can’t find ones I like. We do find a lovely wooden green man plaque for the garden though.

A visit to the church and graveyard next and then T pops into the tourist information for a local map. We buy a sandwich and cake to share and eat our sandwich ahead of taking a walk around Rectory Wood.

St Laurence’s

Some of the design of Rectory Wood are attributed to Lancelot Capability Brown, a friend of the vicar. There’s the remains of a stream and artificial pool, an icehouse and summerhouse. We identify Elm, Oak and Beech trees.

Ice house

At a spot with a bit of a view we eat the too gingery ginger cake.

Back in Church Stretton we check out a final art gallery. There’s not much in it that appeals but I do see some art and decoupage paintings that I like. So far I’ve only tried it on buildings myself but it makes me want to have a go with animals. Also see some interesting work with maps and watercolour that I might try as gifts.

Acrylic paint and decoupage paper

We catch the bus back to the campsite. The bus stop in Leebotwood happens to be outside the local pub The Pound Inn so we stop for a pint and some appetizers in the beer garden. The pub and garden are decorated with flowers literally everywhere and there are the most amazing tubs of sweet peas in full flower. I always manage to kill mine but I’m inspired to give it another go.

On the way back up to the van we visit St. Mary’s the local church and it’s open. It’s quite plain inside but has a lovely stained glass window. It’s strange to think that if you’re local and your family is longstanding in the village you can sit in the same pews as your ancestors did centuries ago.

Back at the van we sit outside and play Rummikub again. Sadly T is now winning 4-2. Eventually enjoy a BBQ and then sit outside for more Rummikub. As it gets dark there’s a beautiful sunset changing colour rapidly before our eyes.

Once it’s dark we actually see the moon rise. It’s red and glowing and rises really quickly. The photos don’t do it justice. By the end of the evening I have two tops on, long pants and a blanket and the score is 7-4 to Tony. I’m getting thrashed but it’s been a fun day. We finally go in around 11pm leaving the huge moths that are attracted to our awning light to their own devices.

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