Attingham Park and Leebotwood

It’s moving day today. We are staying near Church Stretton in a little village with the strange name of Leebotwood. We have to be off-site by 11am so have some hours to kill. First stop is Sainsbury’s in Shrewsbury for a few fresh staples and then it’s back on ourselves a bit to the closest NT place Attingham Park and it’s 18C Regency Mansion. We’d never heard of it beforehand but it’s incredibly popular. There’s a huge carpark and we have to travel to the edge to find a spot for Luci. Free entry for us which was appreciated as it’s nearly £15 per adult entry fee.

There’s a house and extensive grounds and gardens. We visit the house first as it’s timed entry and it’s a bit disappointing. We’ve obviously gotten a little spoilt with our NT visits lately.

Attingham Mansion
Cute tokens to visit the house
Entrance hall
Drawing Room, my favourite
Picture gallery but not loving the art work
Dining Room dressed up for a party

Most people seem to be using the gardens for dog walking, exercise and fresh air. The walled garden is a highlight full of colour and life, fruit and veg. There’s also a huge play field for kids and families with lots of equipment and games that look very popular.

Our visit ends with a cuppa and half a sandwich each and a shared piece of cake.

Onto the campsite in Leebotwood which is only 20 minutes away. We enjoy a couple of games of Rummikub again and share the spoils so it’s now two games all. Bought lasagna and garlic bread for dinner and a movie washed down with a G&T. Life on the road is not too shabby.

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