Rainy Much Wenlock

It’s raining, raining, raining all day. We hang around the van doing not much until T breaks out a new game, Rummikub. Friends of ours play it in their caravan and I mentioned it a while ago so he bought it as a surprise. Takes us a while to read the rules and work out how to play but after a couple of games we are hooked. 1 each so far.

After showering and getting dressed eventually we wander into Much Wenlock around 6pm. We stop again at our favourite pub The George and Dragon which is literally heaving. We haven’t seen a pub this packed since before the pandemic.

Must take some watering
Town centre
The George and Dragon
Just before the place was overrun, arrived just in time to get the last table

Next stop is The Bilash Bangladeshi restaurant for a fab meal. A final pint in the dragon before back to the van for Sweet Home Alabama as a lullaby.

Too busy eating to remember to photograph starters and main 🤣
Last pint 😊

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