Much Wenlock

A dry day today so ideal for exploring the area. Tony starts us off with a lovely if unhealthy breakfast of crispy bacon, fried egg and bubble and squeak cakes. Rather tasty. I make us a packed lunch and then we are on our way.

We walk into the town stopping first at Station Road. The railway left a long time ago but we wander down Station Road for a nose at the old Railway station.

What’s left of the railway bridge

As we stroll in, the bells of Holy Trinity church are ringing out. We realise that there’s a wedding as a vintage coach passes us full of bridesmaids. By the time we reach the church the bride has just landed so we stop and take a few photos and enjoy the good vibes.

Our next stop is Wenlock Priory literally 200 yds down a side road. On the way we say hello to some gorgeous Highland cattle. The Priory is managed by English Heritage so we have to pay to visit. It’s a huge site and there’s plenty of ruins here to appreciate the scale of the Priory which was established back in 680 as St. Milburga’s Abbey. We tour the site using the free audio guides which bring the building and monastic history to life but are a bit long winded so I keep wanting a fast forward button. A picnic in the grounds is a nice end to the visit. Tony buys our first fridge magnet of the trip

Gorgeous, must have a go at painting one!

Back in Much Wenlock it’s an attractive medieval town. It’s recent history is strongly linked to Dr William Penny Brook’s the inspiration for the modern Olympic Movement. The first Wenlock Olympian games was staged in 1850 and is still going today. The 2012 London Olympic Games named one of their mascots Wenlock in his honour. We tour the museum and The Guildhall, neither very interesting.

The Guildhall

Back to the van for a cuppa and the remains of our picnic. Eventually T warms up homemade Bolognese sauce for spag boll. I enjoy an evening reading outside under the awning whilst Tony watches movies. A good day.

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