Sizewell Beach

A very lazy day today. Early afternoon we roused ourselves and wandered onto the Suffolk Coastal path again this time turning left out of the campsite.

Sizewell B makes it presence felt as the big white dome comes into view.

There’s a few boats on the beach with plastic rollers and winches to get them in and out of The North Sea. It’s a lovely sunny afternoon. The shingle is covered in plants called Sea Kelp that have cabbage like leaves and masses of white flowers. We also spot the lupin trees which are a mass of small yellow lupin flowers.

We get closer and closer to the power station and see the no drone warnings signs. A guy wanders past us loaded down with tech looking suspiciously like he’s testing for radiation!

Wander back towards the campsite hoping for a pint in the Vulcan Inn but it’s closed today. Pass an interesting sign about the Norfolk and Suffolk coastlines and fisheries and also a memorial to Dutch men who lost their lives after kayaking to England to fight in WWII.

After sitting in the sunshine too long and getting frazzled especially our feet, we get changed and wander to the campsite bar for a beer whilst we wait for our pizzas to be prepared and cooked. Pizzas are top notch so good in fact that we’d almost eaten them when I took a picture. A bit of TV and so to bed. A lazy chilled day.

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