Blickling Manor & Gardens and Blakeney

It’s a couple of hours drive to Blakeney where we are booked in at a small site Galley Hill Farm, a mile outside of the village.

We decide to stop on the way and choose the Blickling Estate near Aylsham. National Trust of course so we can get in free. A road closure causes us a headache but we eventually find our way there. It’s scorching when we arrive. Manage to get a good parking spot as another motorhome is just leaving.

Decide to wander around the impressive Jacobean mansion first, it’s very ornate and huge. The current house was built on the family home of Anne Boleyn. It’s very grand inside.

Enjoy lunch outside in the shade followed by a short wander around the garden. It’s sunny and hot and we both got sunburned yesterday so try to hop between patches of shade.

About thirty minutes from Blickling we arrive at the campsite. Refreshed by showers we eventually walk down into Blakeney. There’s load of activity at the quay with kids in the murky water paddle boarding and splashing around. We haven’t booked anything so wander around and find most places are full. Luckily we manage to get seats outside in the shade at the Kings Arms and enjoy a meal and a few drinks.

Walking back up the hill we are excited to see a small deer for a moment, popping out of a field. Second one on this holiday as we also spotted one in a forest during our walk in Martlesham.

TV again, watching the ubiquitous Gogglebox to end another good and sweltering day. Who says us Brits don’t get a summer!

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