Sizewell and Thorpeness, Suffolk

We are staying at The Beach View campsite. Sizewell B nuclear power station is just left down the beach!

After a gentle start to our day around midday we walk left out of the site along the beach towards Thorpeness. The beach is full of stones and shingle so to get to the sandy bit near the sea is a challenge. Once there we walk along in the sunshine almost by ourselves.

It’s a couple of miles to Thorpeness. Towards the end we have to leave the beach due to unstable cliffs and sea defenses. A couple of houses look in danger of their gardens falling down the cliff. We’re not sure if they are still habitable.

Thorpeness itself is quirky built to look much older than it actually is  with Jacobean and Tudor style houses. It was built in the early 1900’s as a private holiday village but most of it was sold off in the 70’s for death duties.

We enjoy lunch in the garden of the Dolphin pub.

Rabbit salad

Instead of walking back along the beach we take the coastal path back to the campsite. It has a bar overlooking the beach so we stop for a pint.

BBQ for dinner enjoying the last rays of sunshine before watching The Great Showman on TV.

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