Sutton Hoo

Up earlier today as we are leaving around 10am to get to Sutton Hoo before 10:30am. We are the first group in so hopefully should avoid the queues. Happily we get a spot on the 12pm guided tour of the burial grounds the only way to see them at the moment.

As you walk onto the site there’s an impressive life size metal replica of the bones of the ship, all 89ft of her.

Our next stop is the Exhibition hall. This is interesting and full of stories and artifacts about the Anglo Saxon burial mound, and the King, Raewald of East Anglia who is assumed to be buried there and of course replicas of some of the finds, including the famous and rather beautiful Sutton Hoo helmet.

Antler comb
Bysantine bucket
Replica of the Bysantine bucket
Belt buckle

We visit Tranmer House and see lots of original photos and memorabilia from the dig in 1939 and family photos of Edith Pretty who owned the house and land and paid for the dig.

Edith Pretty
Robert Pretty
Basil Browns tape measure
Original photos from the dig coloured with watercolour

Finally we take a tour of the burial mounds and stand on top of the mound that contained the ship and burial chamber. The guide is knowledgeable and the history lesson is enthralling.

Marking the bow of the buried ship
Marking the stern
Viewing platform, sadly closed
Mound 1 – The Great Ship Burial mound

After a very enjoyable four hour visit we drive to our next campsite in Sizewell near the beach. We appear to be inadvertently visiting sites close to nuclear power stations! Having a quiet night in and hoping for sunshine tomorrow.

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