A circular walk around Martlesham

It’s finally stopped raining. As we’re not seeing Sutton Hoo until tomorrow T finds us a local walk. I make us some sandwiches and Tony makes tea in a chilli bottle.

The walk takes us first to Martlesham Creek which we walk alongside for a while. There are loads of swans. The creek feeds into the River Deben and we can see Woodbridge marina in the distance. It’s a varied walk around fields, along footpaths and through woods. About 2.5 miles in we come across a bench and enjoy our picnic.

After 4.5 miles we are looking forward to a pint in the Black Tile pub which was shut! Most disappointing but we’re getting a lot of that. We walk the last mile down the road to the Red Lion which is just around the corner from the campsite. Happily it’s open so we enjoy a pint in the beer garden.

Tonight we are actually eating out for dinner. A lack of forward planning means it’s at 8:30pm, later than we’d prefer. We are only going around the corner to the Red Lion though, so plenty of time beforehand to have a glass in the van. After the joy of showering in the van again obviously as we don’t have access to the facilities! Food is good.

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