Cycling around Newborough Forest

Lovely sunny start again today. After breakfast I make a packed lunch and we load up the pannier on T’s bike.

The plan is to take one of the cycling paths through the forest today. We cycle into Newborough and then up a long hill towards the coast. Our first stop is a ruin of a Welsh palace Llys Rhosyr right on the top of the hill. There’s not much to see but it does have some useful info boards. These palaces were all over Wales and used as bases for independent governance rather than defence until Edward I arrived in the 13c.

Down down down hill to the start of the cycling trail in the forest. It’s called the Corsica trail after the Corsica pines planted throughout the forest. They are tall thin and very straight and great for logging.

The trail meanders through and around the forest undulating for the most part with the occasional steep bit. It’s very quiet with only the occasional walker but no one else on bikes. We hear the occasional fighter jet overhead from nearby RAF Valley station a daily occurrence on Anglesey.

Next stop is the Cefni Saltmarsh hoping to enjoy a picnic lunch but there’s nowhere to sit so we move on.

Luckily a bit further along we spot a couple of picnic benches.It’s lucky as these are the only ones we’ve seen on the whole route! Enjoy a break sitting in the sunshine before getting back on the bike to complete the trail.

We exit slightly higher up on the hill so it’s not quite such a drag back up again as it could have been for T. I go ahead on my e bike and wait for him at the top of the hill in St Peter’s churchyard which is next to the Llys Rhosyr.

It has good views across to the Snowdonia mountain range and we while away 30 mins checking out gravestones and making calls..until the pub opens!

A couple of pints are quaffed in the lovely sunny beer garden of the White Lion in Newborough before cycling back to the campsite in Dwyran.

Showers next and then a yummy BBQ in the evening sunshine sitting outside chatting to our neighbours until the sun goes down.

Back in the van Tony spends more time looking outside at Rabbit TV than watching the actual telly. We’ve seen rabbits grazing here everyday morning and evening. The Great British Sewing Bee and Naked Attraction entertains us to end another good day.

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