Newborough Forest and Warren and the Ynys Llanddwyn

Today after breakfast we break out the bikes and cycle towards Newborough. We intend to cycle the forest but after 5 mins realise it’d be better to walk so we park up.

The path runs alongside the forest towards the coast and on our left are the warrens ie dunes. Herds of cattle, ponies and horses are grazing peacefully together on the grassed over dunes but as we get closer to the coast it gets progressively sandier.

We climb a big sand dune to get to the beach and see across the Menai Straight and the spectacular Snowdonia mountain range. It’s awesome. The sky is blue, the water is sparkling, the beach is almost empty and the mountains are topped with amazing cloud formations.

We wander along the beach towards the spit of land called Ynys Llanddwyn. As we get closer the beach gets much busier and we realise that there’s a big car park hidden behind the sandunes.

Sitting on logs that have fallen from the forest we enjoy our butties and hot tea from a chilly bottle.

On our feet again we walk to the Llanddwyn Island. It’s really a spit of land with water on both sides that gets cut off by high tide. It’s low tide at the moment so it just feels like a bit of the beach.

We head up to the top of the island for fabulous views back to the beach and forest and across the Menai to the mountains.

Excited to see a bench for a sit and kindle moment whilst Tony checks out the lighthouse and various Christian and Celtic crosses.

Back along the beach as far as the main car park where we find toilets and an ice cream van. So busy eating our ice creams I forgot to photograph their loveliness.

We wander through the forest on our way back only getting lost once. It’s lovely with criss crossing footpaths and a cycle path too which we’ll probably try out tomorrow.

After cycling back to the van we enjoy a cuppa. After an hour we decide to cycle instead of walking to the local pub The White Lion. Enjoy a pint in the beer garden. It’s not doing food so we buy fish and chips from the chippy across the road and eat them in the pub before heading back.

Watch American Woman on Film4 to end a really good day in a beautiful part of the world.

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