Coast road to North Dock, Llanelli and then back to Burry Port and Penbryn

Very slow start to our Sunday so we didn’t get on our bikes until around 2pm.

It was dry, cloudy and warm. We cycled up the lovely coastal path to Burry Port which is about three miles and then kept on going to North Dock a further five miles. The wind was behind us which helps. We stopped a few times along the route to take photos. It was not too busy but plenty of walkers, dog walkers and cyclists.

Right on the end of our route was a pub called St Elli’s Bay that had just stopped serving for an hour +, to give its staff a rest… on a Sunday afternoon. Obviously never heard of staff rota’s. Very strange.

We cycled up the road and found ourselves a pub that was open and enjoyed a well earned pint.

The five mile cycle back to Burry Port was into the wind and fun but much harder work. We had a pint in our Burry Port local, the Portobello Inn, before cycling up the road and stopping at the Ship Aground Inn for a farewell drink.

We took the canal path back to the campsite and enjoyed homemade enchiladas for dinner watching Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, the best of the three LOR movies with the yummy Viggo Mortensen.

13.5 miles cycling today, absolutely loving my e-bike and cycling.

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