Pembrey Forest and Burry Port

Zoom call to start the day with the lovely girlies followed by a delicious brunch.

The met weather app tells us it’s unlikely to rain so off we go. We’ve decided to cycle the canal path to Kidwelly today which is the opposite direction to Burry Port. The canal itself was last used in the 1850’s to transport coal but is now overgrown and almost invisible on long stretches.

Literally five minutes into our ride the heavens opened and we had to quickly put our macs on. It was a squall that lasted two minutes but managed to get us wet.

Stop to remove our coats and spot sheep with very curly horns.

After 25 mins we are nearing Kidwelly but decide to take a cross country cycle path that we spot instead. Countryside opens out to great views. We don’t actually know where we are going but it’s fun. At one point we are travelling along what appears to be an old race track in a large field!

Eight miles in and way into a lovely forest we consult the guru that is Google maps and realise we are in Pembrey Forest on a vaguely circular 11 mile path almost back to where we started!

Big choice then is either to go back home or cycle into Burry Port. The pub beckons so Burry Port it is.

The coastal path is lovely as ever and very quiet considering its Saturday. We enjoy a wander around the harbour. The beach is just beautiful with the sand blowing around into amazing patterns and the wind is so strong its breathtaking.

We sink a pint outside the Portobello Inn accompanied by yummy shared fish and chips.

Cycle down the road towards Pembrey and another pub that’s Tony’s found in the good beer guide app. The ‘Ship Aground Inn’. Its rammed with a 50th birthday party so we drink outside entertained by an aged customer getting his new car stuck on a garden wall appearing not to know how to put his handbrake off or the difference between forward and reverse.

We cycle the rest of the way back to the campsite along the canal.

A picnic for tea of cold meat and cheese watching Lord of the Rings Two Towers. Great day.

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