Delamere Forest

It’s a four hour drive to our next campsite so we are up earlier than usual and get away by 10am. Tony leapt out of bed when I told him it was 9am but it was really only 8am so that helped but I genuinely read my fitbit wrong.

I’m actually sad to leave this coast. The cycling has been wonderful and varied, mainly along specific cycle paths which makes such a difference. Its somewhere we can see ourselves returning to.

We stopped roadside for a bit of lunch and arrive around 3pm. Quick cuppa outside as it’s sunny and dry before going to explore on our bikes.

The weather forecast is terrible for tomorrow so we are keen to explore the forest whilst we can. There’s a huge visitor center build going on so takes us a while to work out where to enter.

Eventually we spot an info board and decide to explore the forest via the 4.5 mile blue cycling trail. It’s an undulating and bumpy  circular track around the forest and for lots of it we are on our own. Forest is picturesque. We see the glitter of the lake through the trees but our route doesn’t take us up close which is a shame.

Next stop is the pub, a mile up the road. It’s very quiet in the pub and the large beer garden. The sun is shining and the beer is cold if not cheap. There’s a large fishing  pond behind the garden and the forest is visible in the distance.

Our final BBQ of the trip listening to the geese flying overhead reminding us of home.

Enjoying our first chance to sit outside for the evening for a while, to end another fun day.

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