Cycling around Llandrindod Wells and Llandegley

Lots of rain overnight but drizzle free, warm and cloudy this morning.

After breakfast in the van and a bit of lolling around we put on our padded shorts, underneath our normal ones of course and go out on the bikes.

The campsite is on a side road so we turn right first. It’s a narrow rural lane really which we follow to the end, after turning right at the only fork. Pass a farm and the odd house, meet Postman Pat coming the other way and eventually after 1.5 miles arrive at the end farm. Turn around until we get back to the left fork and try that one. It’s uphill for a while but similar with the occasional postbox at the end of a drive until again we hit the final farm.

On the way back we meet an enormous HGV but luckily we are at the only crossroads so it passes by in front of us. Glad we didn’t meet it on the lane, we would have been forced to jump into the hedge!

Once back at Springrock we continue on to the main A road and cycle towards Llandegley a tiny village with a church and pretty but overgrown churchyard. T spotted a sign for a quaker house called The Pales just up the road so we decide to visit. According to the sign it’s a mile up a side road but what it doesn’t say is that its literally a mile uphill and very steep at the end.

Views are fab though if a bit misty. The quaker house is thatched in a lovely garden , with benches to sit on to admire the scenery.

There’s also a churchyard with lots of similar gravestones arranged in family groups.

The meeting house is open too with a visitors book and a pile of cash donations on display. It’s a lovely peaceful place.

It’s down down down on the way back to the campsite where we enjoy tea and a scone.

A leisurely stroll around the fishing ponds to end the afternoon and we manage to disturb a heron obviously looking to nab one of the many carp. Sadly didn’t get a photo but those birds are big.

Around 5.30pm we cycle 1.5 miles to the nearest pub The Severn Arms and enjoy a couple of  pints in a very quiet beer garden. The barmaid said they’d been rammed Monday through Wednesday as they all like a bargain around here 😁.

Lovely BBQ sitting outside on our return. It’s still warm so we stay outside until bedtime.

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