Walking around Springrock campsite

Start the day with a Hiit session! Only a day late but I’m on holiday…. again.

We sit outside and enjoy a very pleasant cooked breakfast before we get ready to go walking. There’s a hill behind the site which we’ve been told has a footpath winding to the top.

At the beginning all is well across stiles and through fields wending our way upwards. The route is a little overgrown. We pass some ramshackle motorhomes and a carriage but can’t decide if they are inhabited.

As we get higher the path and route is not clear at all and the shrubs, ferns and nettles get bigger encroaching on what may be a path or just a route for sheep as there are droppings everywhere. We are probably not on the footpath but decide to keep going. At one point in order to get to a gate we end up wading through ferns and greenery as tall as us. I’m really not enjoying the experience. Finally hit something that looks like an actual footpath going up and down the hill.

I go down as I’ve had enough and T goes up. As it turns out we were very close to the top! See some friendly horses on the way back.

These are T’s photos from the top of the hill.

We cycle to our new local again early evening for a couple of pints. It’s much busier this time and the beer garden is full of families enjoying the Friday evening sunshine.

Another BBQ back at Springrock sitting outside watching the bats and enjoying another lovely evening. Highly recommend this campsite.

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