A slow start today.

I should do my 3rd  and final hiit for the week but I’m feeling tired from the mad hill cycling yesterday. Originally we planned to go into Bourton-on-the-water this morning for a look around and a little shopping. Instead I’m staying at the van and T is going on his own.

We are expecting guests at lunchtime, my cousin Derek and his wife Liz. Derek’s Dad Uncle Joey was my Mum’s older brother.  They live in Cheltenham so are going to drive here for a socially distanced visit and lunch, but bring their own picnic and chairs.

T gets back after a while and it’s sounds like the trip into Bourton was long and downhill in… and even longer and uphill on the way back… so I’m glad I stayed put 😁.

We enjoy a lovely visit accompanied by a very nice rosé wine from Lanzarote that Derek brought along. Good conversation, family tree chat, shared happy memories and lunch too.

Rach is hosting her bridesmaids today. They have all ordered a different dress in 3 sizes and are having a mass try on accompanied of course by prosecco. I join on zoom about 1.5 hrs in, share my 2 penneth and help the decision making process…. hopefully. Beautiful dress chosen which suits everyone, job done👏🏻🥂!

Not the dress 🤣

Afternoon in the sunshine followed by a tasty BBQ to end a lovely day.

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