Stow-on-the-Wold & Morton-in-Marsh

3rd hiit of the week achieved!! Pink yoga mat is evidence 😉. This is followed by breakfast, showers and then we are off on the road again by 11am.

We have decided to stop at a supermarket in Stow-on-the-Wold to replenish our food and booze supplies and find a Tesco with a decent sized carpark so all good.

Next stop is the coach carpark in Stow just outside the centre where we are happy to discover we can park for free. Only a 5 minute walk into large main square spoilt by too many parked cars. We enjoy a wander around before heading out.

Morton-in-Marsh is our next stop along the Fosse way about 10 mins away. The campsite is 10mins walk from the town, always a bonus. After queuing to get in as it’s very busy, we pitch up. The weather is wonderful so enjoy a bit of lunch in the sun before wandering in.

We walk up and down the extra wide high street, which is also on the Fosse way, lined with beautiful buildings including lots of pubs! Our first stop is the Black Bear as it’s in the good beer guide, well the 2017 version anyway. We didn’t intend to have a mini crawl but end up visiting three different ones.

Back at camp we enjoy the remainder of a lovely sunny day with a BBQ and eventually a few games of spot the difference. Fun and games 😁.

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