Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter

The usual stuff in the morning before we get organised and helmet up and adventure out on the bikes.

We are off to the Slaughters today. Every road around here is either up or down so I should be more nervous than I am. We start gently as it’s about 1.5 miles down hill. T’s got the map out and is considering us cycling up a road that is very steep. As we are contemplating it a very young and fit cyclist appears down said hill. When asks he says… hill is brutal!! Why oh why do I agree to give it a go? Anyway I manage it but defo use up lots of battery power. No idea how T makes it up on pedal power alone.

Arrive at the most lovely Lower Slaughter and wander around the village. It really is the Venice of the Cotswolds and reminds me a little of Giethoorn in the Netherlands. The river, the water mill and all the lovely golden cottages.

Eventually we have a very expensive pint in The Slaughters before cycling to Upper Slaughter. Not quite as pretty as Lower but the ford is fun.

I do not want to cycle down the extremely steep hill we cycled up to get to Lower Slaughter so we end up going the longer way around back to the campsite. 12.7 miles in total today but the route back included 1.5 long miles up hill, steep at times, which was breathtaking 😳.

Tonight we walk to the Plough again for our evening meal. Thankfully a different route that is shorter and dryer. Food is fab and socially distanced ambience good. We even help another couple from our campsite avoid the return trip via the amazon forest.

Star trek to end our day.

One thought on “Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter

  1. That place looks stunning, I see what you mean about it reminding you of the Netherlands, I thought they exact same from those photos!

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