Hurray! The rain has stopped but its still very damp outside. Hiit has to be done before I get out of the habit so I attempt it in the van. Most things are OK but star jumps prove to be too much and there is much rattling 😁.

Lovely poached egg on toast a la T this morning before we unhook, empty our grey and fill our water tanks.

We get on the road to Crickley Hill a local viewpoint.  Great views of The Brecon Beacons, the Malvern Hills and GCHQ. Manage a couple of miles tramp around the hill on the Cotswold Way followed by a cuppa and a piece of cake before heading to our next campsite near Bourton-on-the-water.

We are staying at Folly Farm Campsite, a privately run one. It’s about 3 miles outside of Bourton-on-the-water. It’s peaceful and not too busy, mostly grass pitches but we’ve booked hardstanding which is better for us. We set ourselves up and enjoy a bite to eat outside.

There’s a pub, the Plough at Cold Aston, within walking distance so later on we decide to go for a walk.  It’s about 1.5miles away, not that far, but a big portion of the walk is a footpath alongside a field and it’s a jungle. We should have brought a machete with us! Our feet are wet even though we are wearing walking boots and our bottom half’s are literally soaked to the skin after being battered by a strange crop and tall weeds. I’m in jeans so it’s feels horrible. We are that wet when we arrive that the pub owner takes pity on me and finds me a hairdryer so I can dry my pants a bit!!

We enjoy a bar snack and a pint or two and that helps. It’s all well organised in the pub with a one way system to enable social distancing. The walk home is not as bad as its dried up a bit, the alcohol helps too.

Pork steaks in a mushroom sauce made with fruity yoghurt because I forgot to bring quark and the movie Minority Report on DVD  to put us to sleep.

Tom as John Anderton

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