It’s been raining overnight, and as we are parked under trees we enjoyed the drip drip drip on our roof all night long. I’m supposed to do a hiit session today but it’s far too wet outside πŸ˜‰.

After a leisurely breakfast we hang around the van hiding from the rain doing some research into where we should go next week. We are booked until Monday around the Cotswolds. After considering Wales and the Midlands we decide on The Forest of Dean and find/book a campsite.

After lunch we see a small opportunity of a rain free window to get the bikes out again. We cycle to Shilton down a very steep lane. There’s a pretty ford across the river and lucky for us a pub that’s open. Enjoy a pint, sitting outside again until the rain starts again. We cycle home in the drizzle , up a bloody great big hill, thank goodness for e-gears climb and sport.

Homemade cajun dirty rice in the van followed later by deduction a la Benedict Cumberbatch aka Sherlock Holmes.

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