Burford in The Cotswolds

Arrived at our second campsite of the trip in Burford. This is also a Camping & Motorhome site literally next door to the the Cotswold Wildlife park.

We get ourselves pitched up no problem. Similar setup to the previous campsite ie only 3 people allowed into the facilities block but here we each have an elastic wristband with a pitch number on, which we hang on a hook outside before entering. In Tewkesbury they had 3 bands sitting in Milton’s sterilising fluid and you took one before you went in. Strange times and processes!

Get the bikes down for the first time and venture out on the back roads, avoiding the A40, to Burford. The first thing we see over a hedge are our neighbourly ostriches and antelopes.   

We have written instructions from camp reception but we somehow go wrong, so a trip that should be 4.5 miles is in fact 9!! Luckily I’m on my wonderful e-bike which gets a great workout up and down steep lanes. Tony is thankful that he’s done lots of cycling in lockdown so manages all the hills with no problems. We see bijou cottages along the way.

Burford is pretty. The high street is called The Hill, and its a steep one. Most of the buildings are in the lovely yellow cotswold stone. We have earned a pint which we drink outside right on the high street. There is an Indian across the road so we order a starter takeaway whilst we finish our beer…in the rain. The journey back is shorter, only 4.5 miles this time.

We enjoy our bhajis and tikka watching TV and quaffing fizz and beer. The Wedding Date, my pick, entertains us, we’ll me anyway to end a good day.

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