Yeah! Started my day with my first ever hiit session on the road. Did it outside the van using a yoga mat and managed to not cause a stir. Sun is shining which helps.  T and I enjoy our breakfast outside before getting ready to explore Tewkesbury.

First stop is Tewkesbury Abbey as it’s only open from 11 until 1pm. The Abbey which is basically just off the high street is surprisingly tranquil surrounded by amazing and huge trees including a majestic copper beech.

It’s very quiet and peaceful inside. Fabulous ceiling and stained glass windows.

After a short wander around the high street which is much busier today, we treat ourselves to a rustic sausage roll which we take back to the van and enjoy for lunch. Hanging above the shops and houses are colourful banners that represent the participants in the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471. We spot only one with red roses, obviously belonging to a Lancastrian on the losing side 🙃.

In the afternoon we wander back into town and walk around the Ham. This is a large area of common land and a flood plain between two rivers, The Avon and The Severn. Not much wildlife to see except the occasional butterfly. Lots of fishing spots on the river Severn, with rickety wooden steps down to the riverside and a great view. It’s a three mile gentle circular stroll around the Ham.

We cross the Avon and wander along the river and  find a pub beer garden and enjoy a beer in the sunshine before returning to the campsite for a nap and a movie to end the day.

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