Tewkesbury – first journey post lockdown!

We are excited for our first trip since February. Today is July 5th 2020 and we are on our way to the Cotswolds.

We had planned to spend a month in Eire just after Easter and June/July in Scandinavia but instead stayed at home gardening, walking, cycling and trying not to get any fatter! Zoom calls and quizzes became the norm. I took up HiiT three times a week and T cycled like a demon. Hopefully we can hang onto our good lockdown habits and ditch the bad 🥂🍻.

This trip already feels a little different as unusually for us I have booked our first four campsites in advance. Normally at this time of year that isn’t necessary. However after some research I found lots of sites were either closed or fully booked and decided to book our first weeks worth of sites hoping for a stress free foray into campsite life, post lockdown.

Getting the van and contents ready has filled our days for the last week as we check our lists, gather everything together, pick up the van,  clean out the water tanks and then load it all up.

We leave around lunchtime and enjoy a straightforward journey to Tewkesbury via the M6 and then the M5. The site is almost full when we arrive, luckily we booked.

The sun is shining so we enjoy a cuppa and a very late lunch outside.

We walk into Tewkesbury, past the abbey, and in 5 minutes we are on the high street. It’s an interesting place with lots of black and white tudor era buildings. Tewkesbury is famous as the site of a key battle in The War of the Roses in 1471. The battle flags are flying all around the town.

After a wander down the high street, quiet on a Sunday evening, it’s very exciting to go the pub and quaff a pint in The Nottingham Arms. Went down a treat.

Home made Enchiladas in the van and a fun Zoom quiz with the Brophy’s tops off a good first day of our post lockdown trip.

4 thoughts on “Tewkesbury – first journey post lockdown!

      1. We’re thinking possibly tomorrow for lunch as we’re on a half day in work. Nice walk with Nala then The Plough maybe!

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