We nearly made it to Cambridge😁. We thought we’d found a campsite close to the city for the weekend but shocker…it was fully booked in January.  So a change of plan we are now in Skegness. It’s a 2.5hr uneventful trip from Norfolk. The campsite is right next to the promenade and beach with a huge windfarm visible in the distance.IMG_20200131_154432-1843x909IMG_20200131_154423-1843x909

After a late lunch we take a stroll along the promenade. It’s bracing but dry. Fish and chips for tea before we visit local hostelries.

Our first stop is Garden City where we land in the middle of a bingo game. We have to whisper during the game as it’s serious stuff. The call is automated via TV screens but they still check the numbers the old fashioned way.  I’ve never taken to bingo but it makes me think of Mum who liked a game or two.IMG_20200131_201802-1843x909IMG_20200131_202305-1843x909

Our final pub is the Boat House where we experience some terrible Karaoke including YNWA which T did not enjoy, even if it was being murdered 🙃.  The pub reminds us of the Albert, our village local, but on speed.

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